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Free Shipping Above RM 80 (WM only)
Free Shipping Above RM 80 (WM only)

CattyLuv Cat Litter 10L

CattyLuv Cat Litter is a premium quality lemon-scented cat litter that removes odor while providing a clean and hygienic environment for you and your cat. Its high absorption features form small clumps for easy removal when wet. CattyLuv Cat Litter is 99% dust-free, hence providing minimal tracking with no mess to your home.


  • Odor control
  • Super Clumping
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Strong Absorption
  • 99% Dust-Free
  • Minimal Tracking


  • Clean and fill the litter box up to 2-4 inches deep with CattyLuv Cat Litter.
  • Always place a cat litter box in a secure location where your cat is comfortable to do its business and where it will continue to go.
  • Upon contact with liquid or solid animal waste, CattyLuv Cat Litter forms into small clumps. This is proven by our special clumping formulation which will help to ease all cat owners cleaning time.
  • Simply remove the clumps from the litter box with a scoop. If there is no scoop, a small recyclable bag can be used to pick and wrap waste.
  • No need to dispose of the remaining sand, just refill the litter box with ProDiet Cat Litter to the recommended depth.
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