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Free Shipping Above RM 150 (WM only exclude East Malaysia)
Free Shipping Above RM 150 (WM only exclude East Malaysia)

My order payment failed, what can I do?

    1. Check for Updates
      Check if there's a new update available for the bank / e-wallet app on your device's app store, like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    2. Follow the App Store's Guidance
      Follow the instructions provided by the app store to complete the update process.

    3. Opt for Automatic Updates
      For consistent access to the latest secure features, consider enabling automatic updates for the bank / e-wallet app. This can usually be set up in your device's app store settings.

    4. Confirm the Update
      Once the update is done, open the bank / e-wallet app to confirm that it now includes the latest security enhancements.

    5. Activate Security Features
      Some updates may introduce new security features, such as shifting from SMS OTP or TAC to more robust authentication methods like biometric authentication (fingerprints or face recognition), two-factor authentication, or stronger encryption. Don't forget to activate these features to boost the security of your financial information and transactions.

    6. Sufficient balance
      Ensure thereโ€™s sufficient balance in your account in order to make payment for the order
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