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SIMPLE Hormone Free Chicken & Apples 18kg

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SIMPLE uses Hormone Free Chicken as the Single Meat Protein is fortified with antioxidants superfoods including Apples and Turmeric for optimal health. This Complete & Balanced and highly palatable vet formulated Grain-Free Recipe is perfect for dogs with dietary sensitives and ease digestive health.

Why Choose SIMPLE Dog Foods

100% Australian Hormone Free Chicken
The chicken is raised in free roaming space, without the use of antibiotics with no added hormones or growth promotants. Our chickens enjoy a low stress life with better muscle development leading to better palatability and quality of the meat. We ensure chickens are fed a nutritious diet and their welfare is our key priority.

OmegaTech™ Essential Oil Blend
OmegaTech™ is a unique formulated essential oil blend of Omega 3 & Omega 6, in perfect balanced mixture proportions, for optimal functionality in dog’s health.

Nutritious Superfoods
Consisted of Sugar beets, carrots, pumpkins, celery, tomato and turmeric, to strengthen the immune system and contribute to good heart function. It contributes to good digestion and is healthy for the stomach and intestines

Low Glycemic Index for longer energy sustainability
Sweet potatoes and chickpeas are high in fiber, which contributes to normal stool and optimum gut health. Fiber slows the breakdown of sweet potatoes and chickpeas into glucose (sugar) which then was absorbed into the blood stream. These ingredients also have a lower glycemic index (GI), which means that energy is sustained for long periods of time, are shown to modulate and even improve blood sugar regulation, so your pup's blood sugar level will be more stable
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