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Free Shipping Above RM 80 (WM only)

Raya Fun Pack!
Double the happiness with the apple topper and ketupat cat toy for more FUN, EXCITEMENT and HAPPINESS together. Pamper your feline with the scrumptious and wholesome combination of ProDiet cat food + Apple topper for a special Raya celebration this year.

Feed With Style

Let’s have double fun together!

Step 1: Pour Tuna cat food with Apple Topper into cat bowl.

Step 2: Mix Ocean Fish with Apple Topper into cat bowl for flavour enhancement.

Step 3: Ready to Serve!

Playtime with Ketupat Cat Toy

  • Mimic the movement of a mouse to excite the cats.
  • Make the toy “flee” from your cat or hiding around the corner.
  • Vary the speed and direction of the toy.
  • Let the cat win and catch the “prey”.
  • Reward Time: Make the victory a little sweeter with ProDiet Dry Food + Topper.


What's in the Raya Fun Pack:

100% Pure Air Dried Apple Topper x1

ProDiet Tuna 60g Cat Dry Food x10

ProDiet Ocean Fish 60g Cat Dry Food x9

Ketupat Fun Cat Toy x1

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