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Free Shipping Above RM 80 (WM only)

ProDiet 500G Kitten Ocean Fish Dry Food

by ProDiet
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ProDiet Kitten Ocean Fish provides calcium and helps to strengthen kitten bone density. With a kittens active playtime & adventurous character ProDiet 1st year kitten weaning formulation helps keep bones strong and healthy. Milk is full of calcium and is necessary for a kittens development.

Product Features:

  • 100% real seafood
  • strict quality control and contain no preservative
  • uncompromising nutrition
  • all rounded meal

ProDiet cat food is made from selected real ocean fish and all the ingredients that have passed strict quality control measures and contains no preservative.

Through extensive research and years of development, we have develop a unique nutritional distribution to make sure the meal that you feed your cat is much more healthier than the conventional home prepared food.

Each ProDiet flavour has the same amount of protein to maintain the proper protein content to sustain your cat's needs. This means that they help make up the immune system of your cats internal body structure. Fats are used to supply energy; fats make a diet more palatable to a cat and help to maintain a healthy skin and Haircoat. By extensive research, we have included Carbohydrates into your cat's diet to help provide extra energy. Carbohydrates are typically made up primarily of sugars, starches and cellulose (fiber).

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