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Petto Goat Milk Formula with Glucosamine/Multi-Vitamin

by Petto
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Petto Goat Milk Formula

✔Imported from Netherlands
✔Recommended for picky eaters
✔Does not cause pets to have diarrhea
✔Rich and easy to digest Goat's Milk formula
✔Also suitable for young, pregnant and lactating pets
✔Complete nutrition with high protein, multivitamins and multi-minerals
✔Promotes healthy digestive system and feeds essential micro-flora
✔Boosts immunity and overall digestive health

Petto Goat's Milk Formula provides joints support for cats and dogs of all breeds and ages. With nutritionally balanced formulation, it is perfect for your pets as meal replacement. This complete food supplement comes with prebiotics, multivitamins and multi-minerals helps to promote a healthy digestive system.

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers from plants, essential ingredient to nourish the probiotic bacteria found naturally in the pet's intestines. In the colon, prebiotics are converted into short chain fatty acids which inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, preserving electrolyte and fluids and allows the intestines to move properly.

Glucosamine is a natural substance in the pet's body with highest concentration found in a healthy cartilage. As your pet ages, the natural production of glucosamine slows. As a result, the natural repair process in the body falls, leading to joint pain and stiffness and eventually painful arthritis. Petto Goat's Milk Formula with Glucosamine can help rebuild the cartilage, restores the joint functions and activity levels.

Petto Goat's Milk Formula is exceptionally beneficial to help pets in lactation. It helps improves the milk's quality and thereby you will get a healthier young pet.

Store in Room Temperature. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and moisture.
Direction of use:
Mix 25g of milk powder with 50-100ml of warm water. Stir well and serve when cooled

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