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Free Shipping Above RM 80 (WM only)

DD 101 Waterless Pet Foam Shampoo 450ml 

Your waterless go-to shampoo to keep your pet clean and healthy, best used for cats! 

Key Features:

Best Used for CATS, No rinsing required
- Cats dislike water and rarely need a bath as they often self groom. However, they might not have the best hygiene. This shampoo acts as a substitute for real bathing and no rinsing is required. 

Freshens and Deodorise Skin and Coat of Pet 
- Unlike chemical-based shampoos, there will not be any residue left on your pets' coat that may cause irritation. Hence, it is super safe for accidental consumption and used around the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes area. 

Ideal Shampoo For Spot Cleaning 
- Best use for pets recovering from illness and surgery. The best part? This shampoo does not harm wounds and rashes on your pet. 

Eases Itchiness and Long Lasting Odour Control 
- This shampoo is able to ease itchiness, best for those with skin allergy. + Amazing deodorizing molecules so that your pet smells fresh and clean for days! 

Tear-Free & Safe Licking 
- Tested to B.S EN 1040, JIS Z 2801, and Acute Oral Toxicity Study, hence super safe for accidental consumption and used around the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears area. 

Gentle & Mild to Avoid Skin Irritation 

Directions of Use: 

1. Dispense a small amount of shampoo foam onto the palm of your hand / dry cloth / directly on the pet. 

2. Gently massage the cat in a downward motion in the direction of fur growth. For long-haired cats, brush the cat's coat thoroughly first. 

3. Rub and massage the pet gently with a big and dry towel. For long-haired cats, dry the coat with a hairdryer if preferred. 

Size: 450 ml


Purified Water, <5% Decyl Glucoside, Natural Vanilla, F. Fatty Acids, Folic Acids, Vegetables & Plant-Based Enzymes, Minerals, Coconut Oil, and Food Grade Fragrance. 

Does not contain: 

Parabens, Sulfate, DEA/MEA, Steroids, Alcohol, Preservatives, Ammonia, and Colouring. 

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