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Dawoko Wood Vinegar Pet Mouthwash

by Dawoko
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全 成 分:淨水、蒸餾木醋液、甘油、赤藻糖醇、 1,3丙二醇(玉米澱粉衍生)、維他命C、海鹽、 食品級檸檬香料

1. 加入日常飲用水稀釋使用,稀釋比例為1:20。100ml加入5~10ml(按壓1~2下)
2. 可用紗布塊沾取木酢寵物舒口水,直接擦拭毛小孩牙齒及牙齦,幫助清除齒垢不需再用清水清洗。
3. 可以使用於寵物潔牙玩具或皮骨浸泡,維護毛小孩口腔健康。
注意事項: ●稀釋請使用飲用水。

【Product specifications】
Brand: Wood Vine Pet Master
Product Name: Pet Oral Cleansing Soothing Lotion
Applicable objects: 🔸Applicable to dogs/cats
Capacity/Specification: 200ml
Full ingredients: Pure Water、Glycerol (USP grade)、Extracted vinegar、1, 3 propanol diol、Erythritol、Vitamin C、Sodium chloride、L-Menthol、Natural Lemon flavor 869263、d-limonene ((R)-p-mentha-1,8-diène)、Citral、Herbal menthol flavouring	
Shelf life: three years
Source of goods: official company goods
Origin: Taiwan

【Instructions for use】
1. Add daily drinking water for dilution, the dilution ratio is 1:20. Add 5~10ml to 100ml (press 1~2 times)
2. You can use gauze pads to soak the pet saliva of wood vinegar, and directly wipe the teeth and gums of the hairy children to help remove the tartar and do not need to be washed with water.
3. It can be used in pet teeth cleaning toys or skin and bone soaking to maintain the oral health of hairy children.
Precautions: ● Please use drinking water for dilution.
Please dilute it according to the proportion, please do not drink it directly.
●If you feel uncomfortable after use, please stop using it immediately. And consult a veterinarian for diagnosis.
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