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Dawoko Wood Vinegar for House Clean

by Dawoko
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▶(原味木酢)全成份:木酢原液、 食品級抗菌劑(山梨酸鉀)




【Product specifications】
Brand: Wood Vine Pet Master
Product name: pet environmental deodorant wood phenol polyquinone 300ml
Capacity/specification: 300ml (original)
Shelf life: three years
Source of goods: official company goods
Origin: Taiwan
▶(Original wood vinegar) All ingredients: Pure Water、Extracted vinegar

Efficacy/Use: Household cleaning, effectively maintain the fragrance of the environment.

Spray bottle: spray the odor source, wipe
> After spraying on the odor source and the items to be cleaned, wipe with a damp cloth!
**Remind you to use clean water (boiled cold water) if you use it in a dilution spray bottle to avoid contaminating the product with bacteria from raw water.

◆Do not leave residual liquid on the stone floor, it will atomize the original polishing effect.
◆This product does not contain chemical ingredients, please use it in the environment with peace of mind. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it.
◆Avoid contact with eyes. If you touch it accidentally, please rinse with plenty of water. If you feel unwell, please consult a veterinarian for diagnosis.
◆This is made of plant extract formula, the color depth and sediment are normal, the effect and safety are safe, you can use it with confidence.
※If you have a baby with fava bean disease at home, please use the original flavor※
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