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ProDiet Cat Litter 5L Apple X 2 Packs

ProDiet Cat Litter 5L Apple X 2 Packs
ProDiet Cat Litter 5L Apple X 2 Packs
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ProDiet Cat Litter is made from clay granules, ProDiet’s cat litter has super clumping abilities. With clay material being used,this means that there is an immediate clumping effect upon contact with liquid substances.

ProDiet Cat Litter also has strong absorption, making it more economical in terms of usage for the customer. There is no need to replace the litter, just refilling and adding to the current litter amount. With the strong absorption, your cat’s litter is absorbed and dries up quickly and easier to collect and disposed of.

On top of this, we have also improved the odour control. ProDiet Cat litter has small fragrant granules within the clay litter which will activate scent upon contact with liquid. In addition, It is dust free and will not affect the surrounding area. It is important not only to manufacture a product that is useful for the consumer; our cats, but also for the ease of usage for our customers.