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ECOGREEN - Pet Odour Control Pet Shampoo 500ml

ECOGREEN - Pet Odour Control Pet Shampoo 500ml
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ECOGREEN - Pet Odour Control Pet Shampoo 500ml
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Why Choose Ecogreen?

The Ecogreen range of products have been scientifically proven to work both effectively and economically whilst providing a positive environmental outcome. We research, develop and manufacture all our products which enables us to extensively control the quality, from production, to packaging, to delivery. Our products have proven successful in the commercial industry for many years and are now available for use in domestic situations for the very first time.

Based on our exclusive Bio-Technology, our products exercise the power of beneficial bacteria, plant extracts and natural anti-bacterial agents to expedite the natural cycles of sanitisation, odour control and waste elimination. The result is a long-lasting, exceptionally hygienic and safe environment.


  • Spray and leave
  • Contains beneficial bacteria that digest and degrade organic waste
  • Eliminates odours
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly

Ecogreen Pet Odour Control is a simple, effective and economical way of eliminating odours created by pets. Ecogreen Pet Odour Control contains beneficial bacteria that digest and degrade the organic waste that cause offensive odours.

With no harsh or hazardous ingredients, Ecogreen Pet Odour Control can be used on most hard and soft surfaces including flooring, bedding, carpets, kennels and other areas pets and animals use.

Safe for use around people, plants and pets, Ecogreen Pet Odour Control is an environmentally friendly odour eliminator providing a responsible approach to daily hygiene.

Ideal for use around areas where pets or animals eat and sleep

Soak up or remove any excess organic waste from the surface with paper towel. Spray the surface liberally with product until the area is covered. Allow the area to dry naturally – if residue is present, with a damp cloth wipe area to remove or use a vacuum cleaner. For tougher or older odours, repeat applications may be required.

Special Instructions
DO NOT spray directly onto animals. 
DO NOT mix with other chemical cleaning products.

For the best results
Allow the product to dry naturally to allow the beneficial bacteria to remove the organic waste.

Clear Liquid

Made in Australia

What's in the box: ECOGREEN Pet Odor Control 500ml x1